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We strongly believe Birmingham as a city can become a leader within the UK in our fight against Climate Change. At BNZ, our priority is to raise awareness and support businesses of all sizes by developing a greater understanding on what a pledge to achieve Net Zero requires.

Whilst it’s written in law that the UK is required to achieve Net Zero by 2050, with the support of BNZ, Birmingham can lead the way and meet our own targets of becoming a Net Zero city by 2030.

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For many residents of our city, Birmingham is considered an inspirational city to grow up in and with statistics to confirm it’s the most culturally diverse city outside of London within the UK. It’s clear to see why we’re often labelled as the ‘Second City’.

With the prestige of being recognised as a rapidly improving city, it’s within our grasp to lead from the front in the UK’s fight against Climate Change, and Birmingham Net Zero has been created with that at the forefront of our vision.

Back in June 2019, the Birmingham City Council declared a climate emergency and made a commitment to reduce the city’s carbon emissions. The target was created for Birmingham to become a Net Zero city by 2030 and Birmingham Net Zero are passionate to ensure we achieve this goal.

Based on stats declared in 2019, there are over 42,000 businesses registered and trading within the West Midlands, and between 2018-2019, Birmingham ranked number 1 in the UK for business growth by core cities with an annual increase of approx. 1,995 business, achieving a 4.8% year on year growth.

As a result, the task to achieve Net Zero within the city by 2030 presents a significant challenge and engaging with all of the +42,000 businesses is an area where BNZ can help.

By creating an easy to follow 5 step strategy, we believe we can help educate businesses to understand the importance of the city’s targets, but also help implement the approach in a simple and effective way.

To learn more about the 5 steps and how we can help you get started on your road to Net Zero, please complete the below enquiry form and one of our specialised advisors will get in touch.

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