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At Birmingham Net Zero, we firmly believe that now is the time to consider change, and we urge all businesses to take the most important step on our journey to becoming the leading city within the UK, as we achieve Net Zero first.

What is Net Zero?

‘Net Zero is a position where there’s a point of equal balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced, and the amount removed from the atmosphere’

How can we achieve Net Zero?

To achieve ‘Net Zero’, we must first understand our starting position, and from there we can formulate a plan of action which, over time, will allow us to improve our efficiency and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions we pollute.

How do we understand our current CO2 position?

By working with Birmingham Net Zero, we can offer dashboard visibility of your current CO2 position as a business and from there we aim to help create a strategy of how you can improve this position on your road to Net Zero.

How can I join the BNZ Community?

To join our BNZ community, all you need to do initially is make a pledge. By committing to our pledge letter, you are opening the lines of engagement for initial discussions on how we can best help, both today and moving into the future.

Whilst the pledge letter is not a legally binding commitment, it’s an indication of your willingness to start your journey to achieving Net Zero and will allow you to be included in all BNZ community based events as we move forward as a city.

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